Why You Need Water Soluble CBD

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There are plenty of people who are seeing CBD for the first time on the shelves of their local dispensaries. One thing to understand is that the scientific design of CBD products goes a long way in determining its effectiveness. The method in which CBD is extracted makes a world of difference in the overall results. The benefits of CBD ointments, vapes and edibles all boil down to it.

This is where water soluble CBD comes in.

The Conventional Method

There are many CBD products that are made by taking the hemp and immersing it into various oils. It is convenient and easy, but there is a lot that is being missed in the process.

Your body has to be able to digest the fat-soluble oil before it can get to the CBD. Since the CBD goodness is smaller than the larger oil droplets and is encased in it, the CBD is the last thing that reaches your bloodstream. The question is why must you do it this way? Water soluble CBD is going to change the way in which the nutritional and health value reaches to you.

The Solution That Is Water-Soluble

This is done by the means of the nano-emulsions process. In this method, the water-soluble nutrients end up directly in the bloodstream by means of the small intestine, rather than having to work through the lymph systems. This way, the effect is supercharged. CBD is not the first product that is to try this medicine delivery process. It is one of the preferred methods of medicine delivery in many health supplements.

Water Soluble Vitamin

There are several water-soluble products, such as vitamin C, or the folate and pantothenic acid, Vitamin B1, B2 that are used often to fortify foods and make up one of the important essential nutrients.

The thing about water-soluble products is that they are absorbed faster into the bloodstream and because of which the effect and benefit of CBD reach you faster. This will change the way in which edibles and other CBD products like capsules, tinctures and even pet products help and treat ailments and symptoms.

It is expected that we will see nano-emulsion medicinal delivery for CBD in the coming years. It will revolutionize the way in which the effects reach you, without having to wait and delay the whole process.

If there is any great time to be jumping headfirst into CBD products, it is now. Welcome CBD into your lives and enjoy all that it has to offer.