Megan Rapinoe’s Tale Of CBD Use

CBD For Pain
CBD For Pain
CBD For Pain
CBD For Pain

Megan Rapinoe faced setbacks to her prospects of being a soccer player, which included many knee surgeries. She had many surgical procedures for knees, from her college times to her days as a professional soccer player. Then, she used CBD for pain, only to end up finding relief from the issue. Keep reading to know more about the US soccer player’s cannabidiol use.

CBD Proliferated Since The Farm Bill

The Agricultural Amendment Act of 2018 made hemp trade legal, which then legalized the creation and use of low-THC cannabidiol goods. The regulatory move also resulted in the manufacturing of more and more hemp derivatives. Consequently, CBD became a go-to product among sportspeople and even their family members.

Why Rapinoe And Other Athletes Use Cannabidiol

CBD for athletes is popular, and for good reason. CBD is an effective treatment option for several health issues that athletes often experience. In the case of Rapinoe, these issues were with her knees. However, there have also been instances of CBD helping ex-athletes to cope with the effects their long careers had on their physical health.

CBD is viewed as an effective alternative to opioids, even among the community of athletes. As a cannabidiol advocate, Rapinoe also speaks much about the aforementioned fact. Even so, it was Rapinoe’s sister Rachel’s conviction in CBD’s healing powers that contributed to the former opening a CBD business aimed at sportspeople.

Rapinoe once said that it helped her to sleep better at night after an intense exercise session. This is among the reasons why she has made it a part of her daily routine.

Rachel Rapinoe also had surgeries after knee-related injuries during her soccer playing days. Rachel’s co-athletes introduced her to cannabidiol after she saw other people utilizing cannabis beyond the so-called ‘stoner culture’.

CBD Policies Relaxing Among Main Sports Leagues

Every major sports league has no common CBD use policies in place. Anyhow, with it becoming more broadly available and with several US states legalizing it, restrictions seem to be easing.

For instance, it has not been a part of MLB’s list of banned substances since December 2019. The USADA permits sportspeople to utilize it, but the nonprofit tells users to be wary of THC concentrations in CBD goods. For your information, full-spectrum CBD items can contain more tetrahydrocannabinol than what is legally permitted. A headache for sportspeople like Rapinoe is that CBD brands often fail to advertise the right THC quantities.