With CBD, Say Goodnight To Bad Sleep

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Best CBD Products
CBD Health Benefits
CBD Health Benefits

You start with your pre-sleep routine as the clock strikes 11:30 PM- you slip into your sleeping robes, brush your teeth and gargle your mouth. You dim the lights of your room and slip into bed, letting your head lay softly against the pillow. You close your eyes thinking to slip into a dream, but nothing. You toss and turn in the bed hoping to fall asleep quickly, but your body doesn’t seem to be in the mood for it. After a while, you look to the clock by your bedside and you see the clock striking 1:00 AM.

This is a situation that has played out for many of us reading this right now. Sleeplessness is something than many of us are a victim to and it is surprising how common it is-as much as 40% of the US population are shown to have mild sleeping problem while around 10% of the total population suffers from long-term insomnia-that is a staggering 31 million people!

When you do not get good sleep, your body’s hormonal balance gets disrupted. The impaired metabolism then ends up encouraging weight gain, obesity and sleep deprivation. Over long periods, cause detrimental changes to hormones that regulate hunger; ghrelin and leptin. This will increase the risk of hypertension, stroke, heart attacks and type II diabetes. Mental acumen also takes a fall as you are not able to concentrate well, unable to hold attention for too long and weaker emotion control; not to mention the weaker critical problem-solving ability. The things that can go wrong when you miss out on sleep is scary!

Because of this, it becomes obvious when 8.6 million people make use of prescription sleeping aids to help them counteract the negative effects. But the problem that this poses most of the time is the addictive nature of these sleeping pills. Not only is it difficult to get out of when hooked on but it harms the heart in the long run; there is an increased risk of cardiac failure. The last thing you want is to sleep permanently!

So is there something that can help you get good, quality sleep and at the same time is not addictive and is perfectly safe? CBD is the answer.

Cannabidiol or CBD

The therapeutic substance found in cannabis and the now legal hemp plant has many benefits accredited to its name. The CBD health benefits and the flexibility of the miracle drug, together are responsible for skyrocketing CBD to international fame in the pharmaceutical circles. The cherry on the cake is the amazing side effect profile-even the World Health Organisation was left nodding their heads in agreement. You can safely consume the herbal medication that works wonders for your sleep, without the risk of harming yourself.

To sweeten the offer CBD is not addictive and neither is it psychoactive, meaning you will not feel ‘high’ or intoxicated on consumption. You can simply stop using CBD whenever you want to.

How Is CBD So Effective In Helping You Sleep?

This is due to its interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is responsible for your appetite, mood, behavior and the most relevant problem at hand-your sleep quality. The CBD links to two specific receptors on the ECS, which is the CB1 and CB2 receptors. These two have links to your internal clock and your ability to fall asleep and wake up.

With What Does CBD Help?

  • CBD Help Soothe Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the main causes that lead to sleeplessness and insomnia. CBD has been proven to act as an anti-anxiolytic agent, meaning it helps reduce anxiety levels. It helps soothe your mind and you will end up being more in tune with your emotional stability. CBD, due to its interaction with the ECS, is responsible for restoring homeostasis or a balance between various systems. This helps to experience better wellness and health benefits, which in turn help in promoting better sleep. CBD has been shown to be beneficial in the fight against anxiety disorders like social anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder among others.

  • CBD Helps Improve Sleep By Reducing Pain And Inflammation In The Body

Pain from chronic ailments such as back pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, etc can lead to the inability to get sleep. CBD helps alleviate the pain by means of inhibiting pain receptors in and around the site. At the same time, CBD use also prevents inflammatory signaling receptors from jumping into action, reducing the extent and intensity of the inflammation. The body, in general, is in a state of relaxation and pent-up stress is released. After all, you can only fall asleep when the body is in a state of calmness.

CBD is a safe alternative to prescription sedatives, hypnotics and over-the-counter sleep pills. Find your way to good sleep and a healthier more fulfilling life, all with the help of cannabidiol.