CBD Intake Methods For Beginners

CBD Intake Methods
CBD Intake Methods
CBD Intake Methods
CBD Intake Methods

Trying out CBD for the first time can be complicated because the options in CBD seem to be endless. First-time users will find themselves tiring their brains out to figure out what the right choice for them is. Variety in product options indicates that there will be diverse intake options in CBD with characteristic bioavailability ranges.

Through this article, we attempt to guide beginners to various intake methods of CBD they can consider trying out.

Administering options of CBD

Let us find out some popular methods of administering CBD.

CBD capsules

The precision of dosage is a desirable quality in CBD intake methods because the benefits that we get from CBD are influenced by how precisely we dose it. CBD capsules come in the form of pills or soft gels that can be swallowed with water like you take any normal pill.

The method of administering is very familiar to all and the familiarity explains the general fondness for CBD capsules. The capsules do not take much time to digest, unlike common edibles. Once the pills digest inside the stomach, CBD in them is released into the bloodstream.

Sublingual CBD

Sublingual intake eliminates the need for the digestion of CBD products inside the intestine, a process that decreases the percentage of CBD that enters the bloodstream of the user. In this method, the CBD product, CBD oil or tincture is placed under the tongue for at least 60 seconds to allow the absorption of CBD into the bloodstream of the user through their sublingual glands.


If you do not find the idea of waiting long for the CBD to take effect in your body, vaping is the best choice you can make. Vape products like CBD vape oil are heated inside specialized vaping equipment like vaporizer and the vapors produced are inhaled through the equipment’s mouthpiece. The CBD is absorbed through the membrane of the lungs and takes effect within a few minutes.

CBD Edibles

The taste of raw forms of CBD is not often that pleasing and approved of. To mask the earthy flavor, CBD is infused in traditional edibles like brownies, gummies, chocolate, etc. The edibles have to be digested first before CBD in it enters the bloodstream of the user. Although CBD edibles are a delicious option, its bioavailability if low when compared to many other administering methods.

First-time users have to develop a thorough understanding of CBD so that they can choose an intake option that has appreciable bioavailability and matches well with taste preference.