The Ultimate Guide On: How To Use CBD And Its Dosages?

CBD oil for pain

CBD has started to be revered as the “Miracle drug”. The one stop solution for a lot of ailments that have been hampering the otherwise perfectly healthy lives of many out there. Shot to limelight in the beginning of this millennium, CBD has shown time and again, it’s magic. So much so that many patients have begun migrating to CBD for the much needed sigh of relief.

We are here to shine light on the questions lingering in your mind whether to make the jump. If the leap is made, how to do it right! We cover it all here! Let us embark…

So, To Begin With, What Is CBD?

CBD is the shortened form of “cannabidiol”. Cannabidiol is one of the countless numbers of elements that are present in the marijuana or the cannabis plant. The CBD can be extracted from mainly two sources, being marijuana and hemp plant. Many of you, reading this would be thinking “Am I going to get high taking this?” That takes us to the next question.

Will I Become “High” Taking CBD?

Zilch! That is simply because CBD is not a psychoactive substance. The effect of smoking or consuming marijuana edibles involves intoxication and the feeling of getting “high”! This feeling is because of something called THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. This is a psychoactive substance that is negligibly present in CBD!

In What Ways Can I Consume CBD?

Well there are 4 main ways in which CBD benefits can be reaped. These include:

  • Taking it under the tongue, also called sublingual application
  • Ingesting by means of edibles
  • Topical application such as creams or lotions
  • Inhaling it by vaping

Now let us untangle it all for you!

Sublingual Application (Under The Tongue)

This involves using concentrated CBD oil. The CBD oil is sucked in using a dropper, and a couple of drops are secreted under the tongue. The CBD oil is to be held there, for atleast a minute before you ingest it. Why? That is because the CBD oil is absorbed from under the tongue, and shoots right into your bloodstream. The method is very effective and you will be feeling much more at peace immediately with the CBD oil benefits getting to work! The benefits of using this technique are that no additional accessories are need. It’s easy. It’s fast. Plus the effects are long lasting and quickly get to work as well!

Ingesting CBD Edibles

The first thing that comes to mind when someone speaks of edibles are THC edibles, which are far too potent. But CBD edibles as explained earlier are the meeker well behaved cousins. CBD edibles maybe in the form of gummy bears or even lollipops! Apart from splurging on CBD edibles, you can make CBD infused butter as well. This means you can include it in your everyday meals. But, keep in mind the amount of the CBD infused butter you are dropping in!

Plus one important side note is that CBD edibles take much longer to get started, maybe even 2 hours or more. So in the meantime, don’t get to devouring more thinking “why isn’t this working?”

Time To Lotion Up!

This is a very easy and discreet method to use CBD. These come in a variety of forms including balms, ointments and creams. One tricky bit however is to figure out the dosage of the cream you must apply (Don’t worry; we’ll be helping you out there as well).

CBD lotions are best to use if you’re having migraines or any skin related ailments such as acne or skin sores. You can also use these for joint pains. But it holds one major drawback, that being it takes too long! It has by far one of the mildest effects, compared to the other methods of application. The effects also don’t last as long either. You may require more of the lotion to be applied, that too more often.

Vaping: Breathe In, Breathe Out. Repeat.

Vaporiser pens have become the new fade of the town. You see every other jock on the corner of the street with one, puffing out white fragrant puffy clouds. Vaping is one of those that provide maximum effect minus the harsh feeling of smoke in your throat. One qualm would be that, you would be needed to shell out as a couple of accessories are needed to get started!

What About CBD Dosage? How Much Do I Need To Take In?

There is no recommended daily intake specified yet! While most producers write this down on the back of their products, remember it is only a benchmark. The dosage depends heavily on how much you weigh, the strength of the oil, and so on. While many of you would be happy with taking a couple milligrams a day, others may need as much as 100mg or more! So it is a game of trial and error. Start from the specified minimum, and scale is up or down from there.